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Pilipinas News is the main late night news show on TV5. It is currently anchored by Paolo Bediones, Cherie Mercado, and Jove Francisco.

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Pilipinas News introduces news that happened in all dimensions of the country today. Current events to be featured are gathered by the very own anchors and 50 reportorial teams that will cross the country to get controversial and interesting news. Not just mere delivering news to viewers, this also features untold stories of Filipino citizens in order to encourage and influence others for a better change. For Paolo Bediones part, he is responsible for giving information and action for the public’s awareness. Bediones team will bum around the roads of Metro Manila to gather stories and respond to possible victims on road accidents or calamities. Cherie Mercado will take her part in giving world news updates for people to be aware globally especially Filipinos. While Jove Francisco is in charge of reporting online contents from Interaksyon.com, blogs, sites and social media in order to let the online users to be aware of the latest issues and news.



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