Be Careful With My Heart August 16, 2012 – Fixed

August 16, 2012. Abigail “Abby” Lim (Mutya Orquia) was very happy because her whole family will be accompanying her to school that day. Her Yaya Maya Dela Rosa (Jodi Sta. Maria- Lacson) will be with Abby in school. When Abby was inside the car, Maya then said that they looked like a very happy family. Luke Lim (Jerome Ponce) and Nikki Lim (Janelle Salvador) then silenced when they heard those words form Yaya Maya. In school, Nikki gave Abby a toy plane that would remind Abby of her presence. Luke also did the same. Ricardo “Richard” Lim/ Sir Chief (Richard Lim) also gave a toy plane to her daughter. He told her that even if he is very busy with his work, he would fly to her immediately if she needs him. When Abby was about to enter her classroom, the teacher told her that toys are not allowed inside.
Abby became sad. Those toys were supposed to be her sense of security. So, Yaya Maya then said that she will hold of the toy plane and she will just stay at the window. Abby agreed and. Abby kept on looking at the window to see the toy Maya, on the other hand, is holding the toy while she is studying for her lessons.

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