Walang Hanggan July 20, 2012 (07-20-12)

At the Montenegro’s residence, Jean Bonifacio (Eula Valdez) waited for the engaged couple, Marco Montenegro (Richard Gomez) and Emilia “Emily” Cardenas/Guidotti (Dawn Zulueta). Jean offered to help Marco and Emily with their wedding preparations even though she is the cousin of Jane Bonifacio/Montenegro (Rita Avila). Emily, on the other hand, thanked Jean for considering their marriage without thinking about Jane. Later on, they talked about the wedding preparations wherein Jean planned a grand wedding for the couple. Jean gave all the details she planned for Marco and Emily’s wedding but Emily suggested a simpler wedding. Meanwhile, at the wine bar,Daniel Cruz/Guidotti (Coco Martin) and Katerina Alcantara/Montenegro (Julia Montes) both enjoyed working together. Daniel and Katerina were invited by the other employees for dinner but Daniel rather invited Katerina for a dinner alone. Katerina, on the other hand, was very happy that Daniel invited her wherein Katerina reminisced those times when she and Daniel were still together. After awhile, Tomas Alcantara (Joem Bascon) came to the bar and insulted Daniel. Later that time, Tomas went to see Nathaniel “Nathan” Montenegro (Paolo Avelino) wherein they had a conversation about what Nathan should do so that Katerina will not leave him forever.

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