Princess And I May 18, 2012 Replay

At the orphanage, Mikay Maghirang/Princess Areeyah (Kathryn Bernardo) decided to look for her biological parents. Mikay had a conversation to the one in charge of the orphanage and was told that she can possibly find her biological parents. Mikay, on the other hand, had no interest in looking for her biological parents anymore. Mikay concluded that her biological parents did not want to see her anymore because she was left alone. Later that time, when Mikay started to look for the kids at the orphanage, Yan-Yan (Izzy Canillo) and a kid fought with each other. Mikay then tried to stop them but the kids did not mind Mikay. After awhile, Gino Dela Rosa (Daniel Padilla) arrived and informed Mikay not to bother stopping the kids who were fighting. Gino even informed Mikay that the kids will usually fight because of some misunderstandings during their playtime. Mikay, on the other hand, was very pissed off of what Gino and the kids did. Meanwhile, in Yangdon, King Anand (Albert Martinez) had a great time with the farmers talking to each other. The farmers even performed for King Anand wherein King Anand was very entertained. After awhile, King Anand picked some flower without any knowledge that the flower was poisonous. Meanwhile, Ashi Behati (Gretchen Barretto) was there when King Anand was poisoned of the flower. Ashi then hurriedly looked for an antidote to stop the poison. Later that time, King Anand was brought back at his palace with Ashi looking after him.

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